GoldenFliers 10-miler 2013.11.16


10 miles followed by a 1 mile fun run.


Time: 1:32:05

Pace: 9:19 / mile.


Learned a lot in this race, biggest takeaway is that i need more varied training grounds.  The small inclines, declines, and cambers of the roads around the LSU lakes fatigued me quickly.  The weather for this race was less than ideal, it was very humid and the sun came out and was beating down on us after about mile #3.  From a fueling standpoint, I learned that applesauce is not a good option for me, too sweet and mealy.  Around mile #3 I realized that I was going to have to ratchet things back in order to finish strong and not crash out at the end.  At that point I changed my mindset to just survive until mile #8 and try to push it after that.  I was able to finish strong with that plan, probably giving up a few seconds overall by doing that, but it was worth it.


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