Training 2013.11.09 – 7 Miles

Workout 7 miles “easy” Results Distance: 7.26 miles Time: 1:04:34 Average Pace: 8:54/mile Comments: Great training run.  Felt strong, finished with plenty of energy.  Nice weather. 8:40 per mile is the upper bound of comfortable.  9:00 per mile is … Continued

Training 2013.11.07 – 2.5 Mile Run

Workout 2.5 miles @ 8:15 pace Results Time: 20:58 Average Pace: 8:23 / mile Comments: Was pretty worn out this morning and didn’t have much to give for the first mile.  Got into the grove after the first mile … Continued

Training 2013.11.03 – 10k Time Trial

Workout 10k Time Trial Results Time: 51:59.  New PR! Average Pace: 8:22/mile Comments: The first 5k felt fast, probably too fast.  Had to stop and walk for water at the 5k mark.  Mile 4 was “rolling recovery” mile, which … Continued

Training 2013.10.31

Workout 3 miles @ 85% (original target was 9:15/mile) Results Time: 24:49 Average Pace: 8:16/mile Comments: This was more like 85 – 90% effort.

Training 2013.10.24

Workout 3 miles of easy exploration in Healdsburg, CA. Results This was a fun run.  Got to see all sorts of new things.  Ran in my five fingers for the first time in a long time and enjoyed it.

Training 2013.10.21

Workout 2.5 mile temo run.  (85% MPE – original tempo goal was 9:15 miles) Results Distance: 2.55 miles Time: 21.41.  Average Pace: 8:30 Tried hit 85% for this one.  Was a good run.

Training 2013.10.19

Workout 5 miles (easy) Results Time: 44:37.  Average Pace: 8:55. This turned out to be more of a tempo run than an “easy” run.  I pushed to ride right at that 80% mark for the entire run.  Excited to … Continued

Training 2013.10.17

Workout 2 mile time trial Results Time: 15:44.  Avg Pace: 7:52 Notes Good run.  Went out hard.  Tried to kick the last 800m, but only had about 400m of kick to give.  

Training 2013.10.09

Workout 3 miles at a pace that’s unsustainable for long distance (~6 miles). Results Distance: 3.65 miles @ 82% MPE. Time: 34:14 Average Pace: 9:23 Felt good.  Ran the extra half mile to get out of the habit of … Continued

Training 2013.10.05

Workout 3 miles – Time Trial Results Time: 25:30.  Average Pace: 8:29